Monday, October 12, 2009

Vote for TVXQ at [V] channel

I would like to inform all you - DBSK's fan - who don't know about this yet. In [V] home page, there now is a competition between the Korean Singers and Japanese singers. TVXQ/DBSK is also an application in this competition. After bid Koda Kumi - the japanese pop star at the first round, our idols won against Mika Nakashima. Now the semi-final the boys is facing the Kat-Tun. The current points is TVXQ 2953 vs Kat-Tun 2951. Their points are a bit closed to each other. I hope the boys will win again and go through the final round. If TVXQ win, they will face Arashi the most popular boy bands or Ayumi Hamasaki the Japanese pop stars.


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