Saturday, April 5, 2008

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

After finish watching Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix, I am starting to read the next book named "Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince". This book is different if we compare with the first 5 books. The diference is the start. All 5 books start in Private Drive but this book starts in Mafoy's house. And In this book, I notice about professor Snape. According to this book, Snape is in Lord Voldemort's side. In this book, I really hate harry potter, because he can't do anything for Dumboldore. But few last chapters are really intereted in. There is a great battle between Dumboldore's army and Lord Vorldemore's army in Hogwarts. And Dumboldore was killed bye Snape. After I think harry will continue Dumboldore's advanture in order to destroy Voldemore's power. Thing will get exciting in the last book.