Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

DBSK's song in American Movie

In DBSK's song called Rising Sun from their 2nd Korean Ablum was played in American moive - Fast and Furious 4 released last year. The song was played about 40 seconds during the O'Connel chasing criminal guy along L.A' street. This song is energetic type which matches well with scene.

Someone posted on Jaeho_detox about this. So to make sure myself, I downloaded the movie and watch it even though I don't like watching this movie. I first recognized song at Yoochun's rape part.

Isn't it so obvious that DBSK's so popular.

Yunho's Donation to Hatti

On the 20th of January 2010, on an MBC news, a name ‘Jung YunHo/정윤호’ appeared among the donation list, which also stated the amount they have donated towards the fund raising for Haiti's earth quark. He's donated fives millions won (almost 5000 USD).

This also reminds us about his and other DBSK's member generous acts. Yunho did volunteered job in the orphan and Junsu's fanclub helped Cambodian's poor family to build their new house.

[Engsub] All for TVXQ... once in a life time...

I got goosebumps while watching this video. This is very well done video for us - telling us to always keep the faiths.

Always keep believing!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

DBSK- BREAK OUT official PV 1024 x 576 [Eng Sub]

Yunho's Message


DBSK Awarded as "Cultural Ambassador"

Both five-member groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang received the exceptional recognition of being “Cultural Ambassadors.”

The private organization from the Cultural Tourism Board, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) stated, “Due to the contributions they have made in the development of the cultural aspect through popular music, we have decided to appoint/award them as ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ as a form of recognition.”

Look! Something's strange

Look at Changmin's left eye and the way he's wearing this hat is like he's trying to hide his left eyes, do you think so?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

[2008.12.29] - SBS Gayo Daejun - Dance Battle - Yunho

Cool dance step. I am not sure the dropping hat is apart of his dance!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


New single from DBSK - Break Out.