Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DBSK's contract

Below is just summary of the DBSK's contract with their agency SME.
I can't believe myself that there's such a contract existed. It is really a slave contract.

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HTTG hardsub from "God Of the East Subbing Squad"

Heading to the Ground episode 1-9 hardsubbed

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vote for TVXQ at [V] channel

I would like to inform all you - DBSK's fan - who don't know about this yet. In [V] home page, there now is a competition between the Korean Singers and Japanese singers. TVXQ/DBSK is also an application in this competition. After bid Koda Kumi - the japanese pop star at the first round, our idols won against Mika Nakashima. Now the semi-final the boys is facing the Kat-Tun. The current points is TVXQ 2953 vs Kat-Tun 2951. Their points are a bit closed to each other. I hope the boys will win again and go through the final round. If TVXQ win, they will face Arashi the most popular boy bands or Ayumi Hamasaki the Japanese pop stars.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heading To The Ground ep 1-10 rating

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HTTG Yunho's new hair style

Recently DBSK just finished their live concert in China - Mirotic concert. All of them flied back to Korea and continued their activities. Yunho continued working on his first drama Heading to the Ground. Yunho started filming another upcoming episode with a new look. His new hairstyle which transform Cha Bong Goon to be more mature, handsome, sexy and attractive is Mirotic hairstyle of course.

Checkmate in HTTG

Yunho's solo song "Checkmate" appear in the his drama Heading to the Ground episode 10. He and Go Ara joined the singing contest to get the price as one laptop for Byul's birthday present.
Even acting in the movie, but Yunho did it like a live concert.

Uncut version

Sunday, October 4, 2009

MIROTIC Concert in Shanghai by HB允浩家

We can imagine how was the DBSK 3rd Asia Tour Concert which held in Shanghai, Hongkou Stadium by the following description of HB允浩家.

"I bought a standing area ticket to Dong Bang Shin Ki's 3rd Asia Tour Concert held at the Hongkou Stadium yesterday.

I thought I was early when I reached the stadium at noontime, but I was wrong. The venue was filled with fans from all over. Giant banners from all fanclubs could be seen over the spectators’ stands, which brought out the concert feeling; it makes one feel really high and passionate. Information about the fanclubs could be found at both floor levels and second level entrances, together with concert goodies. Sigh, really too many people. Dong Bang Shin Ki is really very famous ah!!!!

As the night drew nearer, a long queue started to gather at different entrances. I heard that some fans even started queuing at 2:00 pm. All of them entered in an orderly manner, but I went in late. When the sky turned dark, the Red Ocean surrounded the center of the stadium hall. The giant human Red Ocean was even bigger, as if burning the dark night sky.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

HTTG: grow up rating back

HTTG episode 7 which was aired yesterday Sept 30 have gain their rating again 6.9. And comparing to previous episode 4.4, there are 2.5 growth. It is a remarkable growth.

The reason of the the low rating in previous episode because of the story line. Cha Bong Gun - staring Jung Yunho leader of TVXQ - suffered in the mental hospital. And we know he wil escape from the hospital in episode 7. It seem his fan, don't want to see his suffering, that's why HTTG got a low rating in episode 6.

source: wikidrama