Sunday, October 4, 2009

MIROTIC Concert in Shanghai by HB允浩家

We can imagine how was the DBSK 3rd Asia Tour Concert which held in Shanghai, Hongkou Stadium by the following description of HB允浩家.

"I bought a standing area ticket to Dong Bang Shin Ki's 3rd Asia Tour Concert held at the Hongkou Stadium yesterday.

I thought I was early when I reached the stadium at noontime, but I was wrong. The venue was filled with fans from all over. Giant banners from all fanclubs could be seen over the spectators’ stands, which brought out the concert feeling; it makes one feel really high and passionate. Information about the fanclubs could be found at both floor levels and second level entrances, together with concert goodies. Sigh, really too many people. Dong Bang Shin Ki is really very famous ah!!!!

As the night drew nearer, a long queue started to gather at different entrances. I heard that some fans even started queuing at 2:00 pm. All of them entered in an orderly manner, but I went in late. When the sky turned dark, the Red Ocean surrounded the center of the stadium hall. The giant human Red Ocean was even bigger, as if burning the dark night sky.

The concert started at exactly 7:30pm, with the super high dance song "HEY! Don't bring me down." Dong Bang Shin Ki held on to a long pole, and was lifted from five different locations of the stage, which brought the atmosphere to its climax instantly. Cassies waved their lightsticks passionately, supporting them, responding to their song. Loud music, the unison scream of the members' names, vibrated in the stadium and shook the floor. After a few songs, it was their individual solo performances, and the audience changed their lightstick colours accordingly.

During Yochun's piano and singing solo performance, he picked out three roses from a bouquet and threw them towards the fans, which made them cheer loudly. There was even a part where fans were singing with him, creating a gentle and warm atmosphere. Jaejoong used his sweet and heavenly vocals during his solo performance that touched everyone's hearts. Changmin’s hair had grown long, and he was wearing suit elegantly which made him look like a gentleman. His high-pitched voice is really limitless ah~ Spectacular! As for the dancing king and leader Yunho, he directly challenged the omnipotent little prince Junsu! The spectacular dance moves were really too much for my eyes, but I cannot bear to take my eyes off them, even for a second.

But the most unique performance has to be the childhood song! Though it was sang only by Changmin, his hyungs each had their chance to fly above the stage! Soon after the song started, you will see the pretty Jaejoong riding on a bicycle through the air. Next is leader Yunho holding onto a giant umbrella, stepping through the air lightly. Followed by the cute Junsu, acting as Harry Potter riding on a flying broomstick. Lastly is the batman Yoochun; his wings were really huge, which I stared at for a long time with my binoculars! Haha! The background screen was really special, too. Their childhood photos were included in the cartoon video which were really cute! Towards the end of the song, Changmin was raised which is in sequence with a growing tree on the screen. Grown to a giant tree, which was something I had never seen before!

One song after another, time passed by quickly. A concert that lasted for more than two hours had reached its end. With the scream of Cassies, Dong Bang Shin Ki performed three encore songs, but the long-awaited “Miduhyo” was not heard. Dong Bang Shin Ki, together with their dancers and crew member, held hands and bowed towards all their fans, which officially ended the concert.

All Cassies refused to leave even when the concert had ended. They held the “Miduhyo” banners, stood on their seat, expressed their love towards their idols. The fans only left after being chased out by the local staff of the stadium.

My voice was totally hoarse after the concert, but I’m happy, excited and contented!!! I will await the better performances at the following year's concert, which I will definitely attend."

Source: OneTVXQ

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