Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vote for TVXQ for INNOLIFE Award

Everyone go to vote for TVXQ for the 5th 2009 Innolife Award. Our boy currently is in 2nd hold 25398 votes (46.8%) which the firth place held by SS501 with 25960 (46.7%). So in order to get our boy the first place, we all together VOTE. Within one email address you can add one vote to our.

Below the tutorial how to vote which is quite easy.

1. First go to this URL
You will find the boy at the top of the list.

2. After selection (of course choose TVXQ), scroll down you will see the submit button like image below.

3. After click submit, you will go to another page. In that page, you type your email address and click submit again.

4. Open your maibox, you sure get a new email from Open the new mail, you will see the link shown in the following picture. Finally, Click on the link to cast your vote for the boy.

Note: one email address can vote only one time. So it's good, if you have many email address.

N/A: Today I voted 5 times with my 5 email address hehehe...

Always Keep The Faith

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