Monday, November 2, 2009

HTTG end early than original plan.

Because of low rate from the public, Heading to the grown will be cut off from 20 episodes to 18 and now to 16 episodes which mean the last episode will air on Nov 04. There are some bad response from the viewers. Some really get angry about MBC action to cut the episode down when the drama are getting interesting. And other responsed they will not watch any low rating drama anymore and some said 3.5 rating is heading to the ground.

Honestly, I don't think HTTG's storylin is interesting at all even those I am a DBSK's fan. I didn't find anything new, terrific and surprising from this story. This drama is about soccer, but as my point of view this drama mostly about the struggling life and love of a youth which always appear a lot in Korean drama.

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