Monday, March 9, 2009

New Idea About Life

Yesterday I have known something new in real life. It is poverty. Actually I learnt it from my chinese friend; We study master in emedia. He have told me about one of his friend who have been living with in Beijing University. His friend is very poor. In the begin of the year, his friend really wanted to go back to his home. He really wanted to give up. Because he couldn't effort to buy a train ticket for going back, he still conitnued studying there. This guy is very lucky. He have met a good room-mate who always support him. Because of this room-mate, this guy still have spirit to graduate from university.

While in university, this guy and his room-mate usually went out to collect the plastic bottle around the univerity to sell and got some money. And in the weekend, they both tried to find a part-time together. In fact, his room-mate just wanted to someone who could accompany him; He dones't need money that much.

I think the room-mate guy is very kind, he even sold he face to collect the plastic bottle in order to encorage his friend to do so. He told me that if he didn't do that his friend would not have spirit to do this. It isn't everyone can do this.
I very admire the room-mate so much.

This show me about the strong friendship and meaning of life for poor people. In the end this guy has met his destiny. He get support from the army. So he can even graduate and continue studying master.

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